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Mobile: (231) 883-7444
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Jack Lane Team



Psssst . . . I know you've been looking at other websites.  na-na-na -- don't deny it, it's okay.  Everyone does it.  Truth is, the real estate business has changed dramatically since the inception of this here internet.  You used to have to come into the real estate office and 'go through the book' if you wanted to know about all the listings.

But it's actually a good thing -- in those days, a lot of people chose their Realtor based solely on who was available to go through the book with them.  Really?  Yeah, really.  Can you imagine -- choosing a Realtor just because they have the basic information???  Wouldn't you want skills and experience and, call me crazy, a well-honed track record of getting deals done?  Sigh.  Not only did it happen all the time back then, it still goes on today. 

Today, however, the information on properties for sale is everywhere -- some of it's even on sites that are accurate and up-to-date (yes, that was a shot at Zillow -- the most entertaining platform of misinformation out there!)  So these days, if you're thinking wisely, you get to choose a Realtor not because he's got the information -- but because he's got the skills that make the difference between sloppy, ill fated deals and crisp, well done deals -- understanding of value, ability to find the win/win negotiating points, a huge network of local resources to make your move a smooth one . . . and the personal network, crafted over 26 years of doing deals, that let's you in on deals before they ever hit the market.

And here's the best part -- by hook or by crook, by chance or by referral, by luck or sheer coincidence -- or maybe because you listen to northern Michigan's #1 radio show Ask the Real Estate Guy with Jack Lane, Saturday mornings 8 - 9 on WTCM AM-580 . . . you found your way to a Realtor who's one of the top 1% selling Realtors in America.  And has been a leader in northern Michigan real estate for over 20 years (ummm, the first 5 years were pretty tough sledding).

So, go -- look around . . . have your

fun with other websites . . . but when you find the property you want, get your butt back here and let Jack handle the deal for you.  It doesn't cost you a penny more to deal with someone at the top of the chain.  Jack Lane get deals done -- with great results for his clients.  One phone call -- one, free phone call -- and you'll understand how he goes about making deals happen.  He can't wait to meet you!   

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231 883 7444  Jack's cell #

* you can listen to the radio show by going to www.wtcmradio.com and clicking "listen live".  If you listen once, you'll become a regular.  It's a highly entertaining hour about northern Michigan goings on, the Detroit Tigers, history, economics, the weather, gossip and -- oh yeah -- occasionally, real estate.  Saturday mornings, 8 to 9.